Why try Carina?

Carina is a not-for-profit care matching service. With Carina, you can be confident that every caregiver is trained, licensed, background-checked, and is supervised by a not-for-profit home care agency with deep experience in caregiving. Carina is a free service that allows you to find a compassionate caregiver nearby who has the skills that you need.

How does Carina work?

Simply fill out our form and you will be contacted within two business days by an experienced home care agency. 


Carina partners with two not-for-profit home care agencies, CCS and KWA.


CCS and/or KWA will contact you within two business days to gather additional information, discuss funding options, schedule a home visit to discuss specific care needs, and finalize your schedule, caregiver, and service contract. 

What is Carina?

Carina is a technology nonprofit that provides a safe, easy-to-use, online location-based care matching service. We serve families and individuals who are in need of great care, either in-home or childcare, and care professionals who want better jobs. Unlike for-profit providers, Carina is committed to building community and prioritizing people over profit. Through our partnerships with unions and social service agencies, we make sure our care professionals make good union wages and have benefits, so they can focus on their passion – caring for others.


Our vision is a care economy that strengthens our communities by respecting and supporting workers, individuals, and families. We offer a matchmaking platform where verified professional caregivers can connect with individuals and families that need care. 

How is Carina working with King County?

With funding from the King County Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) under the Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL), Carina is expanding its online platform to connect individuals in King County, particularly those 55 and older, with qualified, professional caregivers represented by not-for-profit home care agencies.  To facilitate these connections, Carina is partnering with two organizations:

What is Catholic Community Services (CCS)?

CCS is a nonprofit homecare agency that provides affordable assistance, including in-home care, to all seniors and people with disabilities living in their own homes. Bilingual staff are available for Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean speakers and caregivers are available in a variety of languages. CCS provides respectful home care services to all individuals, including LGBTQIA+ people.

What is Korean Women’s Association (KWA)?

KWA provides services, including in-home care, to marginalized groups in Washington state. KWA is committed to providing services to help seniors age in place, and assist people with disabilities to be as independent as possible. 

What are the qualifications of home caregivers on Carina?

All caregivers on Carina are certified and trained professional Home Care Aides. They received two weeks (75 hours) of skills-based training and have passed a state credential exam with a hands-on skills component. To maintain this credential, licensed Home Care Aides must complete 12 hours of continuing education every year. All caregivers on Carina are represented by not-for-profit home care agencies who manage the caregivers to make sure they provide the best care.


Home Care Aides can:

  • Help with personal hygiene, dressing, bathing and other daily tasks.
  • Perform basic health care services for patients, such as checking vital signs.
  • General light housekeeping.
  • Arrange transportation when needed. 
  • Partner with nurses, informal caregivers and in-home care professionals who are also working in the home.
  • Monitor the client’s health and well-being. 

How much does it cost?

Professional home care aides are represented by an agency that provides supervision, insurance, administration, pay and benefits to the caregiver. These not-for-profit agencies work to keep their hourly rates affordable relative to other options and typically charge between $30 to $34 per hour, depending on the type of services required. Caregivers are paid competitive wages, receive comprehensive health insurance and retirement benefits if they work at least part time, and receive annual paid training to improve their skills. 

I’m not sure I can afford to pay for a caregiver, what should I do?

Our agency partners can direct you to resources that can help you navigate different options for providing care. There are a wide range of programs available for different people and we encourage you to explore options to make sure you and your family get the care you need.

I’m currently eligible for Medicaid-funded home care through the Department of Health and Social Services. Where should I look for a caregiver?

Apple Health, Medicaid-funded, or state-funded home care clients are eligible to search for an Individual Provider caregiver at www.carinacare.com.

Why should I use Carina to find a caregiver and not Craigslist?

Carina partners with two not-for-profit home care agencies, CCS and KWA that are well known for their reasonable rates, better paid and well trained caregivers, and their long history of working with families and individuals from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. All caregivers are represented by a union and have better wages, comprehensive training, annual continuing education, relative to other non-unionized agencies. 

What forms of payment does Carina accept?

Carina is funded through government agencies and labor unions who pay for our services so it’s free for individual caregivers, families and individuals who need care. The agency will inform you of their home care rates and will connect you to available resources if you think you may qualify for assistance.

Carina's Commitment to Equity and Justice.

Black lives matter.

Black caregivers and consumers matter.

Black families matter.

Carina is committed to equity, inclusion and justice. We are opposed to the harassment, assault and killing of Black people. We are heartbroken for these victims  including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, victim’s families, and for the countless other families who’ve seen loved ones killed from police and racist violence. 

We stand together with every person fighting systemic racism, violence and the systems that perpetuate the inequity that Black people disproportionately experience.

Our platform aims to increase access and ease of use for women, people of color, people with disabilities, low-income families and all marginalized communities who are most impacted by our nation’s broken care system.

We are committed to working with labor unions and supporting unionized care workers. 

We acknowledge the incredible work labor unions and their members have done to uplift working people and fight racial injustice and remain committed to bringing unionized work to more caregivers.

We have additional work to do to ensure equitable access to our service.

  • We are committed to conducting a diversity and equity audit to further evaluate whether the beneficiaries of our service reflect the communities we seek to serve including black families and black caregivers.

  • In addition to this service audit, we will also conduct further diversity and equity analysis and staff development to ensure we are living up to our values.

  • We will continue seeking more ways to care for and support the diverse caregivers, families, and other people who need care in our communities.

Click here for more information on the exploration of race and caregiving.